“The landscape of any farm is the owner’s portrait of himself.” – Aldo Leopold.


Where to Find Farm Fresh Foods

If you are looking for farm-fresh foods near you, here are some links that may help.

Wisconsin Farm Fresh Atlas – farms, markets, restaurants, stores – View Website

Milwaukee Farmers United – CSA and Wholesale – Milwaukee Farmers United Home Page

Local Harvest – local farms & events – View Website

Milwaukee County Winter Farmers Market – View Website

Wisconsin Farmers Market Association – find a market – View Website


Featured Farms

The following is a list of some local area farms. There are many benefits of pastured-raised or grass-fed meats and dairy. When working for the Oconomowoc Lake Club, we increased our local food purchases by 500% in 6 years. But it is much more than just dollars; it’s building relationships.  

“Once you start, you never want to go back.” -JK.

Buying directly from farms helps in many ways. Farmers typically get 10-30% of the retail dollar; by buying directly from them, they receive 100%. That same money then recirculates 3 to 5 times in the local community. Instead of receiving farm gate prices or commodity prices, farms are paid a just and sustainable price for their food. Farmers are willing to grow unique and diverse foods for us. Some of our best food is grown just down the road, not halfway around the world. Farmers’ markets are one of the best ways to scout for new farmers but remember not all farmers go to farmer markets. Farmers can often lead you to other farmers. 

“Finding a new farmer or locally grown food is like finding a new treasure.” -JK.


Fountain Prairie Inn and Farms – Retired

Contact: John & Dorothy Priske
W1901 State Road 16 Fall River WI 53932 Work Phone: (920) 484-3618 Website:
Photo of Fountain Prairie Inn and Farms – Retired

Biographical Info

We’re proud of our grass-fed, grain-finished beef, raised without hormones or antibiotic food additives; our signature 21-day dry-aging results in meat both tender and intensely flavored. Fountain Prairie Inn and Farms offers a comfortable, welcoming retreat nestled within a working farm. Come stay in one of the five elegant bedrooms in our restored Victorian Inn, with views of Wisconsin’s largest herd of Highland cattle grazing alongside restored wetlands and tallgrass prairie.


On-Farm, Farmers’ Market

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“Once you start, you never want to go back.”

Chef Jack