11 oz. Puff pastry
7 oz. Pleasant Ridge cheese sliced 1/4″
3 oz. Smoked ham, good quality, 1/4″ dice
To taste Freshly ground black pepper
1 ea. Egg, beaten

1. Cut the pastry in half, chill one, and roll the other piece to 1/8″ thickness.
2. Place on a baking sheet and top with cheese, ham, and pepper. Leave 1/2″ edge on the outside.
3. Roll the chilled piece of dough to 1/8 thickness, about 1/2″ larger than the first piece.
4. Brush edge of first dough with egg and transfer 2nd dough to first.
5. Line up edges and press down. Then crimp with a fork.
6. Egg wash the entire top.
7. Transfer to refrigerator for 45 minutes.
8. Bake in preheated 350 oven (convection works best) for 20 minutes.
9. Let cool to lukewarm for serving.

This is a simple recipe that lets the ingredients shine and is a classic recipe from Savoy France, which is the area that inspired pleasant ridge cheese.

Puff Pastry with Ham and Pleasant Ridge Cheese