Composting is fun, and it makes you feel good!
Reducing Food Waste is One of the Most Sustainable things we can do. We started this project in 2016 with an MATC innovation grant.

Course Number:  CULART-118  Sustainable Food Communities.

Course Description:  A study of the foodservice industry’s environmental impact on natural resources and issues related to sustainable practices such as renewable energy, waste reduction, local food sourcing, and food production methods.

We are reducing food waste and creating new life!

Local Food is Local Farms – putting it on the menu can be a fun challenge!

Local Food makes cooking tastier and easier!

Growing and Tasting Heirloom Garlic

Pastured Butter – taste and see the difference!

Culart 118 Lecture Video’s

Lesson 2 Chapter One Intro. to US Food System – 15:15 minutes

Lesson 3 Chapter Three Ecological Threats to and from Food Systems 1 of 2 13:20 minutes.

Lesson 3 Chapter Three 2 of 2 12:23 minutes.

Lesson 4 Chapter Eleven 1 of 2 US Crop Production 13:08 minutes.

Lesson 4 Chapter Eleven 2 of 2 8:02 minutes.

Lesson 6 Chapter Twelve 1 of 2 Animal Production 14:08 minutes.

Lesson 6 Chapter Twelve 2 of 2 Animal Production 14:49 minutes.

Lesson 8 Chapter Fifteen Food Consumption 14:46 minutes.